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Temple Run Legacy

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Temple Run has been one of the revolutionary games on the android and IOS platform. This limitless/endless 3D game was developed by Imangi Studios. The game is based on a simple objective- you steal an idol from temple and the guardian chases you. It has been a very good hit for the mobile in its launch years. The map is beautifully designed to suit all the ancient themes. With good graphics and less storage people played this for their time pass. It made so good progress that after several weeks of its release it became the top recommended free game of play store.

Success figures

Temple Run has hit over 170 million downloads. Redefining the mobile platform gaming. This was favorite game to people because of the score competition feature. People challenged each other and their friends due to the ‘facebook’ login option.

Minimum specifications to run:

Another reason of getting favorite is that is its compatibility on almost every low-end phone.
Minimum requirements are:

  • 800 MHz CPU
  • 44 MB of storage
  • Android OS:- 2.3+
  • At Least 512 MB ram
  • Mali 400 or higher

Since that’s all for the requirements. This displays that this game is capable to run on all the low-end phones.

The Temple Run game was launched in two series:

Temple Run

The classic version of the legacy. This game was initially released on 4 August 2011. Being one of the most downloaded game of the series it was the top on the ‘free games’ chart.

Temple Run 2

The second version of the legacy which was carried out by Imangi Studios. The fan following of Temple Run was at hype. After this version was released. Imangi Studios made a very huge fortune by this single game. Basic Features


Temple Run provides a variety of characters to be played with. Each one of them has a special ability.

  • Guy Dangerous- The default character of the whole temple run series. Each player has to start with it. An average explorer and a very good runner. Has a special ability of shield when double-tapped.
IMG 20190309 WA0022 707x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Scarlett Fox- A cunning escape artist. This character boasts the special ability of boost distance when double-tapped on the screen. It costs 10000 coins.
IMG 20190309 WA0017 685x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Karma Lee- A woman with the fastest legs in the Far East. You can purchase her for 25000 coins. She has a special power-up of ‘score boost’ when a player double-taps on the screen.
IMG 20190309 WA0014 737x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Barry Bones- With a tagline of ‘a city cop with attitude’; this character can be unlocked for playing if you have 10000 coins in your hand. It boasts the special ability of ‘coin doubling’ once double-tapped.
IMG 20190309 WA0030 714x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Maria Selva- This lady is as dangerous as it seems, you’ll know when you’ll play. When selected, she starts taking selfies on her phone. You can purchase her for 100000 coins. Has a special ability of ‘double coins’.
IMG 20190309 WA0016 749x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Zack Wonder- A football player with a football in hand. Being a football player was too mainstream for him. You can unlock this character for 5000 coins. Has the ability of ‘coin booster’
IMG 20190309 WA0013 706x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Rahi Raaja- Another explorer in the Temple Run world, with a beard on his face. He’s ready to face all the challenges on his way. He can be unlocked by 5000 coins. Has the special ability of dash running.
IMG 20190309 WA0021 711x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Nidhi Nirmal- A middle-aged women from India, who wears a magenta shirt, dark green jeans and carrying a purse with her. She can be unlocked for 5000 coins and comes with a boost power-up by default.
IMG 20190309 WA0015 722x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Francisco Montoya- The foreigner traveler with long hairs and an awesome moustache. This character costs 25000 in Temple Run and 100000 in Temple Run 2. It comes with a special power of ‘coin double’.
IMG 20190309 WA0028 699x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Montana Smith- A general guy with a hat by default. An explorer in Temple Run. It comes with a price tag of 5000. It has the selected power of ‘coin doubling’. All the powers can be changed in the setting menu.
IMG 20190309 WA0019 726x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Cleopatra- an Egyptian queen. She’s also known as the ‘queen of blazing sands’. She has the whole Egyptian style outfit. Her special ability is, you get a diamond when you double tap on the screen. Character tokens are required to unlock her.
IMG 20190309 WA0023 731x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Imhotep- This one is also an Egyptian character. It requires 10 character tokens. Default outfit of an eagle mask on his face. Comes with the ‘Gem Giving’ power-up.
IMG 20190309 WA0027 723x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Bruce Lee- A Kung-fu actor in real life, he has made a celebrity entry in game. You need to purchase him from the store.
IMG 20190309 WA0025 724x1024 - Temple Run Legacy
  • Usain Bolt- The fastest runner in the world. This man has a special power-up of bolt-running which is a combination of boost distance and coin magnet.
IMG 20190309 WA0024 735x1024 - Temple Run Legacy

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