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Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers has been one of the most hyped games in the history of mobile gaming. This game is an endless 3-D runner game after Temple Run. It starts with a boy drawing graffiti on the wall of a train coach parked in subway with the help of sprays. Noticing this, the guard whistles and the boy starts running. The guard starts following him. Now it is you who has to save him from all the obstacles which come in your way when you are running away. The controls are very basic in this- Swipe up to jump, Swipe down to duck, Swipe left to strafe left and Swipe right to strafe right. It becomes difficult when you play it for a little long time like more than 5 minutes. This happens because it becomes a fast-paced game, you have to do multiple swipes at once.

Basic Features

The basic features of Subway Surfers portrayed here are the power-ups along with their functions.

Coin Magnet

This power-up is a useful one when you have coins available to collect along all the three lanes at a single time. This magnet attracts each and every coin available.

Hover Board

Hover Board is one of the best features of Subway Surfers. It can be availed anytime within game when double-tapped on screen. It is a life-savior because whenever you are about to crash it gets used up and saves you. Some of them have their own special abilities.


A momentary relief for those who are having a long game of about 15 minutes. This offers a freestyle roaming for around a minute which helps a player to attain in-game rest.

Super Sneakers

Ever heard about an animal named ‘Kangaroo’? Well, this power-up in Subway Surfers makes you a one. It allows you to jump above the train coach or you can get on an overhead bridge if you jump from above of a train.

2x Score Multiplier

This is a live-run score booster. In Subway Surfers, the score-line is doubled for a short time if this power-up is enabled. For example- if you are having a score multiplier of 5 then after enabling this power-up it will increase to 10.

Note: The abilities and time duration of these power-ups can be increased in ‘Boosters’ menu.


Subway Surfers gives you a wide range of characters. Some of them have their own special abilities.


The introductory character of Subway Surfers. When a person installs game for the first time, he has to start with this character in the game. It has two more outfits.

IMG 20190308 WA0004 - Subway Surfers


This character is a girl, wearing the costume of alien. You need special item in order to unlock this character which is ‘Yutanis UFO’. You need to have 500 of these to unlock it and they are found in ‘Mystery Boxes’.

IMG 20190308 WA0005 - Subway Surfers


One of the coolest characters of Subway Surfers. You need to collect 200 ‘Spikes Guitar’ in order to unlock this character. All these items are found in ‘Mystery Boxes’.

IMG 20190308 WA0006 - Subway Surfers


This guy likes music very much, so he always has his stereo near his ear. You must collect 50 ‘Fresh Stereos’ in order to unlock it. It has a total of 3 outfits.

IMG 20190308 WA0007 - Subway Surfers


A normal girl with specs but when it comes to running and surfing. You can’t defeat her. In order to unlock her, you need to collect 3 ‘Trickys Cap’. It comes with 2 more outfits along with the default one.

IMG 20190308 WA0011 - Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers always feature a bonus character with its every update; Boombot is one of them which are available in the recent updates. It is free with any purchase you make in-game.

IMG 20190308 WA0010 - Subway Surfers


A small representation of the Dinosaur world, this character is a special character which is available if you log into the game with Facebook.

IMG 20190308 WA0012 - Subway Surfers


This character is ‘San Francisco Special’ character. With each new World Tour update of this game, a new character is introduced.

IMG 20190308 WA0013 - Subway Surfers


This character wears a mask of Rabbit with a briefcase in his hand. It comes with a cost of 20000 coins which you collect in-game.

IMG 20190308 WA0014 - Subway Surfers


The sport runner of Subway Surfers. This character has big earrings and a spherical hairstyle.

IMG 20190308 WA0009 - Subway Surfers


A boy who thinks himself as the #1 in world. Well, everything is true when you believe. You need to pay 8000 in-game coins which you collect while you play to get this character.

IMG 20190308 WA0008 - Subway Surfers


Ever heard of a ‘lady with Rainbow hair’? She’s the one having multiple colors of hair. This runner can be of a greater challenge for that guard which follows you.

IMG 20190308 WA0015 - Subway Surfers


You must have heard about ninjas in tales. Now experience being one with this character in Subway Surfers. 20000 in-game coins for this awesome character should be paid to get this.

IMG 20190308 WA0019 - Subway Surfers


A robot which ultimately plays with its own head when it’s bored. This bot comes with a price tag of 12000 in-game coins and is fun to play with.

IMG 20190308 WA0016 - Subway Surfers


This character is ‘simple yet beautiful’ in appearance but can do the opposite when it comes to surfing with her. With the price tag of 30000 in-game coins.

IMG 20190308 WA0017 - Subway Surfers


Well you won’t be roaming around this zombie, but still some people love to have zombies as their characters. So you have a price tag of 120000, it’s not easy to catch a zombie though.

IMG 20190308 WA0018 - Subway Surfers


When you meet a male ‘fashion model’. Brody is a ‘fashion model’ of Subway Surfers.

IMG 20190308 WA0020 - Subway Surfers

Prince K

He is one of the rich people of the game world. As it worth is 980000, not easy to make a deal with him though.

IMG 20190308 WA0021 - Subway Surfers

Hover boards


The board costing 45000 coins is a stylish mess.

IMG 20190308 WA0033 - Subway Surfers

Hot Rod

This board is a little bit pricy but has a special power of ‘speeding up’.

IMG 20190308 WA0034 - Subway Surfers


Giving you a power of ‘super jump’, this board is stylish than other ones.

IMG 20190308 WA0028 - Subway Surfers


A circular board, stylish in look and with a power of ‘zap sideways’

IMG 20190308 WA0039 - Subway Surfers

Skull fire

Custom painted with fires on the board; this board gives a stylish look.

IMG 20190308 WA0030 - Subway Surfers

Bass Blaster

This board is ultimately the newest, comes with the tagline of ‘Welcome Special’

IMG 20190308 WA0035 - Subway Surfers

Star Board

The fame as the name, it gives you a starry look. Who doesn’t want to look like a star?

IMG 20190308 WA0031 - Subway Surfers


Less stylish but same powered board than ‘Hot Rod’, it is a little cheaper.

IMG 20190308 WA0038 - Subway Surfers

Great White

A shark look proving how dangerous you are.

IMG 20190308 WA0037 - Subway Surfers


As beautiful and light as paper. It gives the power of ‘smooth drift’ in the air.

IMG 20190308 WA0036 - Subway Surfers


This one is a scooter built on the board and again one of the beautiful boards.

IMG 20190308 WA0024 - Subway Surfers


A simple wooden board for those who want a ‘simple look’.

IMG 20190308 WA0025 - Subway Surfers


Custom paints, beautiful builds and colorful. It costs 8000 coins.

IMG 20190308 WA0027 - Subway Surfers

Big Kahuna

Looks as its name says Wider in the middle.

IMG 20190308 WA0029 - Subway Surfers


Calm and mild, you can surf calmly on this beautiful one.

IMG 20190308 WA0026 - Subway Surfers


Freaky enough to see a monster beneath you, makes you run faster.

IMG 20190308 WA0032 - Subway Surfers

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