IMG 20190315 WA0013 - Player Unknowns' Battleground-Maps and their Briefs

Player Unknowns’ Battleground-Maps and their Briefs


Hello everyone, after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; we are now bringing you a brief analysis of maps in Player Unknowns’ Battleground (PUBG). If you want to know what PUBG is then, Click here.

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Since, we observed that PUBG became extraordinarily hit in the segment of games. We began exploring it. Hence, bringing you an awesome experience of maps in Player Unknowns’ Battleground. Since, all the maps are same on the mobile and the PC version so, all the information provided here is for both the versions.

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Player Unknowns’ Battleground- Maps

There are 4 maps introduced in the game till now and surely new maps will be introduced in the game in recent coming time.

1. Erangel

IMG 20190315 WA0007 1024x1020 - Player Unknowns' Battleground-Maps and their Briefs

This map is the introductory map of this game. It was brought out when the game was launched. It has grasslands and a little urban area. Erangel features Grass lands, mountains, bridges and even rivers. Players do like it for its diversity of land forms which are available. This map has camping spots, ambush spots and even sniping spots. You have to be an all-rounder in order to master this map. Players prefer it because it is not that much tough to master as other maps. It is based on the scenario of southern grasslands.

2. Miramar

IMG 20190315 WA0008 1024x1009 - Player Unknowns' Battleground-Maps and their Briefs

It became a treat for the players who were bored with just only one map. Giving a whole contrast, this map featured deserted area. It was difficult to do camping but it made Sniping more easier than ever. This happened because players can be easily distinguished in this map. It has mountains and sandy areas. This makes difficult for a player who has a habit of camping. With its release, it became a huge success because many players preferred this map. Increasing difficulty, this map was always a surprise of players who wanted to have a new map in the play. It is still a very liked map of many players.

3. Sanhok

IMG 20190315 WA0009 1024x1015 - Player Unknowns' Battleground-Maps and their Briefs

Sanhok, when entered the world of Player Unknowns’ Battleground; made a huge effect on the playing style. When it was available, it lagged a little in starting. But, creators optimized it for a better performance. Sanhok is also a green map like erangel. But, it’s much greener than it. It provides you the theme of Asian grasslands. It’s a good map to play and a bit smaller than other maps. A game on this map usually lasts for 15-20 minutes. This map has its own featured gun named- QBZ rifle using the ammo type 5.56mm.

4. Vikendi

IMG 20190315 WA0010 1024x1001 - Player Unknowns' Battleground-Maps and their Briefs

A beautiful snow map which has landed in the game recently. In Player Unknowns’ Battleground it’s a first map to feature a seasonal change in the way of map making. It’s in beta mode in the mobile version which means, it is still under optimizations. Developers are trying their best to make it official on the mobile version. It is a map with snow scattered all over. Features a white ghillie suit. That suit helps a player to camouflage in the blazing snow scattered all around.

Player Unknowns’ Battleground is a very vast game because a single game of 100 people lasts for about 25-30 minutes. PUBG PC is a quite difficult game to master than PUBG mobile. Still people use hacks etc. to make their game easy and to get to higher rank. Now, the developers are optimizing the game in such a way that more and more bugs can be neutralized.

If you need to remember about the modes, here is a short reminder or you can get their information by clicking here.


There are 3 types of game play modes available:

1. Classic

IMG 20190315 WA0014 1024x531 - Player Unknowns' Battleground-Maps and their Briefs

A 100-player classic battle-royale game. The last man/squad standing wins. You drop to your desired place and search for items to survive.

2. Arcade

IMG 20190315 WA0012 1024x565 - Player Unknowns' Battleground-Maps and their Briefs

Usually smaller than the classic mode. This mode offers small mini-games which are there to pass time. Includes Item heaven, Shotguns only, Melee only and Sniper Training. You can even play war-mode.

War mode

War mode is a type of arcade game usually lasts up to 10 mins. Players drop with a gun. The squad which attains the desired points first, it wins. In war mode, there’s a small circle with huge heat. You spawn with a gun and you fight for the glory!!

3. Event mode

IMG 20190315 WA0011 1024x561 - Player Unknowns' Battleground-Maps and their Briefs

This mode is seasonal, sometimes it is available and sometimes it’s not.

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