IMG 20190225 WA0044 - Load out in CS:GO

Load out in CS:GO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive First Person Shooter


The basic genre provided in the game, these mini-guns can be handy to win you a round if you know how to use them. Information about all the pistols used in game is provided here:

USP-S (only for CTs)

This is the basic pistol provided in the game when a match starts (if selected in the load out); this handgun is capable of accurate headshots in a close combat condition.

IMG 20190225 WA0001 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

P2000 (only for CTs)

This gun actually has an advantage over USP-S because of its magazine size and more amount of secondary bullets available for use in a match.

IMG 20190225 WA0002 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

Glock-18 (only for Ts)

This small gun actually provides you with a 20-round magazine enough to make it one of the deadly pistol, it also provides the ‘burst-fire’ mode in which it shoots 3 bullets at once.

IMG 20190225 WA0003 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

P250 (for both the teams)

P250 is a high-damage pistol capable of piercing armor with a decent recoil and a 13-round magazine.

IMG 20190225 WA0004 1 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

Dual Berettas(for both teams)

Costing 400$, these handguns come in a set of 2, increasing recoil and decreasing accuracy, however 120 extra bullets are provided to use in a round.

IMG 20190225 WA0005 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

CZ75 Auto (for both teams)

This is a small automatic mini gun, usually comes with 24 bullets in total and is recommended for short-range combats; just to get enemy’s gun in eco rounds.

IMG 20190225 WA0006 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

Five-Seven (only for CTs)

This slow loader handgun is very strong for piercing armor and even for long range fights, usually a replacement for CZ75-Auto, but ironically 20 bullets in a single magazine.

IMG 20190225 WA0040 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

Tec-9 (only for Ts)

This handgun is capable to have a good amount of damage, exclusive to Ts, but provides a generous magazine of 18 but having a high recoil.

IMG 20190225 WA0007 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

Desert Eagle (for both teams)

This handgun is probably the most powerful pistol of the Counter Strike world and that’s why it gets its secondary name as a ‘Hand Cannon’, capable of killing the enemy in 2 shots.

IMG 20190225 WA0008 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

R8 Revolver (for both teams)

Hence, it provides a very small amount of bullets, but its accurate due to its lengthy trigger pull mechanism.

IMG 20190225 WA0009 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO


These guns are basically is low in cost but eventually reduces the moving speed and can be useful in close combats, comprising of shotguns and machine guns.

Nova (for both sides)

A basic shotgun costing 1200$ in the game is usually the most effective shotgun is close range combats.

IMG 20190225 WA0010 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

XM1014 (for both teams)

A shotgun which fires 7 rounds without a reloading mechanism, useful for close and mid-range combats costing 2000$ dollars.

IMG 20190225 WA0011 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

Mag-7 (for CTs only)

A gun with a magazine of 5, 12 gauge rounds are the ones fueling its magazine, usually due to its faster reloading mechanism its useful for close combats.

IMG 20190225 WA0041 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

Sawed Off (for Ts)

A shotgun which holds 8 rounds in the magazine and also the most powerful one in the Counter Strike world.

IMG 20190225 WA0012 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

M249 (for both teams)

Most famous machine gun of the whole Counter Strike world which has 100 bullet magazine and uncontrollable recoil, until and unless you crouch and fire.

IMG 20190225 WA0042 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

Negev (for both teams)

A powerful machine gun with a controllable spray which goes like a beam, once controlled it becomes deadly and has 150 bullets in a single magazine.

IMG 20190225 WA0043 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

SMGs (Sub-Machine guns)

These guns are majorly there for a fast round, like in case of a rush round or low economy round etc. They provide high rate of fire and even are deadly in close as well as mid-range combats.

- Load out in CS:GO

Mac-10(for Ts)

It’s a gun which delivers very high rate of fire. But ultimately offers high recoil and a less spread accuracy.

IMG 20190225 WA0014 1 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

MP9 (for CTs)-

A SMG provided only in CT load out which boasts very high rate of fire and less recoil than Mac-10, being a very good gun to use in SMG rounds.

IMG 20190225 WA0013 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

UMP-45(for both teams)

A SMG providing high damage and better accuracy than the previous ones but has a small magazine comprising of 25 bullets in terms of storage.

IMG 20190225 WA0015 1 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

MP7 (for both teams)

This SMG is considered as the ideal choice in terms of a SMG, because of the cost factor, accuracy factor and even the magazine factor.

IMG 20190225 WA0016 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

MP5-SD (for both teams)

Brought again in a newer update later in Nov 2018, this gun was earlier removed but now it has been added once again and has a silencer on it.

IMG 20190225 WA0017 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

P90(for both teams)

The p90 SMG is opted for its high magazine and the ‘run n gun’ policy, where you don’t need to be worried about the ammo since its magazine has 50 rounds and it’s identified by its unique bullpup design.

IMG 20190225 WA0018 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

PP-Bizon(for both teams)

This gun has a special barrel design which can deliver a magazine with 64 rounds at once and hence having a high spread accuracy.

IMG 20190225 WA0019 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO


These are the guns which can literally change the game and are essentials in the counter strike world, most deadly guns, if knew recoil control of these:

Galil AR (for Ts)

A budget gun basically costing 2000$ but having a generous 35-round magazine, but trades with a high spread and recoil.

IMG 20190225 WA0020 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

FAMAS (for CTs)

Costing 2250$ this rifle provides you two firing modes namely, auto mode and burst fire mode, burst fire mode shoots 3 bullets simultaneously in a single trigger pull.

IMG 20190225 WA0021 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

AK-47(for Ts)

As deadly as its name says, this rifle is basically the most wanted rifle in the CS world, because of its deadly damage, which can even kill a person with helmet if shot on the head.

IMG 20190225 WA0023 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

M4A4 (for CTs)

The M4A4 rifle is the counter rifle of AK47 in the CT load out but more accurate than AK but less deadly in terms of damage.

IMG 20190225 WA0022 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

M4A1-S(for CTs)

This rifle is known for its stealth engagement, since it comes with a removable silencer and is deadly because it’s hard for the enemy to figure out from where the bullets are coming from.

IMG 20190225 WA0024 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

SG553 (for Ts)

This gun is basically a scoped version of AK 47 with high recoil than it, costing 50$ extra than AK this rifle provides an advantage due to its scope.

IMG 20190225 WA0026 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

AUG (for CTs)

This rifle is counter part of the SG on T side; this rifle gives a little bit high accuracy and has high damage.

IMG 20190225 WA0025 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

AWP (for both teams)

The premium rifle is known for its ‘one shot, one kill’ policy but giving a high chance to get killed when a shot is missed.

IMG 20190225 WA0027 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

SSG 08 (for both teams)

The cheaper version for AWP, does a lesser damage than it. It’s light in weight and hence, helps in faster movement.

IMG 20190225 WA0028 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

SCAR-20(for CTs)

The rifle with a scope of AWP and power of AK, ultimately gives an auto-sniper and is deadly for long range combats.

IMG 20190225 WA0029 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

G3SG1 (for Ts)

Costing 5000$ this auto sniper offers high recoil but a long range scope which provides a better vision and can kill an enemy within 2 shots.

IMG 20190225 WA0030 1024x576 - Load out in CS:GO

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