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Gun/Items in PUBG


Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is a very vast game played on all the platforms including PS4 and mobile. When explored, the game provides you with enormous range of items and weapons. Giving a handsome number of features, this game surprises everyone with its making. Litafgaming presents you brief information about each weapon including guns and items in the game with their ammo type.



It uses the 9mm ammo type and the most basic pistol of the game. It causes moderate damage to the enemy on a body shot and high on headshot.

IMG 20190304 WA0010 - Gun/Items in PUBG


Using .45ACP ammo, this gun provides a high rate of fire, usually better in close combat.

IMG 20190304 WA0011 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This gun is a revolver using 7.62mm. It is very powerful and has a stopping power.

IMG 20190304 WA0012 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This pistol also uses 9mm but has a full auto mode and has a little less damage for armored opponents.

IMG 20190304 WA0013 - Gun/Items in PUBG


Filled with .45ACP, this gun is a very powerful pistol as its appearance says. It has a faster reloading time.

IMG 20190304 WA0014 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Flare Gun

The pistol which uses flares as ammo. When fired in the sky, a plane flies across and provides a box of equipment when in a blue zone. Outside the blue zone\ play area, drops a bulletproof UAZ.

IMG 20190304 WA0016 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Sawed- off

It’s a small pistol shotgun using 12gauge ammo. Very lethal in close combats.

IMG 20190304 WA0015 - Gun/Items in PUBG


** All shotguns use 12gauge ammo


This double-barrel shotgun is very lethal for a body shot or a 1st hit headshot. It can kill an enemy with a single shot.

IMG 20190304 WA0017 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This pump-shotgun is good in its field because of its ammo capacity. This shotgun carries 5 rounds in a single magazine.

IMG 20190304 WA0018 - Gun/Items in PUBG


It is semi-automatic shotgun having 5 rounds in a single magazine. It can store 7 rounds with an extended magazine.

IMG 20190304 WA0019 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)

Micro UZI

This small gun offers high rate of fire and has moderate damage. It uses 9mm ammo.

IMG 20190304 WA0020 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This gun has a moderate rate of fire and has high damage than UZI. It has 9mm ammo as its fuel.

IMG 20190304 WA0021 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Thompson SMG

This gun uses .45ACP ammo. It has a magazine of 30-rounds which extends to 50 with an extended magazine.

IMG 20190304 WA0022 - Gun/Items in PUBG


Using .45ACP ammo, it is recognizable by its unique design. This gun has a small magazine but high damage.

IMG 20190304 WA0023 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)


Using 7.62mm ammo, this gun can be used as a sniper. It provides high damage but with single-shot mode only.

IMG 20190304 WA0024 - Gun/Items in PUBG


Using the 9mm ammo, this gun comes with a permanently attached 4x scope. It has a small magazine.

IMG 20190304 WA0025 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This rifle comes with a single-shot mode, using 5.56mm ammo. It can be used as a sniper too.

IMG 20190304 WA0026 - Gun/Items in PUBG


Using 7.62mm ammo, it offers full auto and single-shot mode. Offers light recoil when used with stand while prone but high recoil when standing.

IMG 20190304 WA0027 - Gun/Items in PUBG


It is a semi-automatic rifle. Uses 7.62mm, this provides a moderate recoil and high damage rate.

IMG 20190304 WA0028 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This piece of mastery can bear 8xscope on it. It uses 5.56 ammo and has a stand to lighten the recoil when prove.

IMG 20190304 WA0029 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)


This belt-fed machine gun provides 100bullet magazine. It uses 5.56mm ammo and has moderate recoil.

IMG 20190304 WA0030 1024x341 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This gun has a bullet barrel attached over it, which provides 47 7.62mm bullets in one go.

IMG 20190304 WA0031 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Sniper Rifles


The most favorite gun of snipers. It uses 7.62mm ammo and offers an accurate shield piercing capability.

IMG 20190304 WA0041 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This gun uses 7.62mm ammo and has a little high damage than Kar98K.

IMG 20190304 WA0042 - Gun/Items in PUBG


The most lethal gun of the PUBG world. It has the capability of killing an enemy from a very far distance. It uses .300magnums.

IMG 20190304 WA0043 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This gun is a powerful one. Uses .45ACP but can’t be equipped with scopes.

IMG 20190304 WA0044 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Assault Rifles (ARs)


This gun comes with two modes- Burst fire and single-shot. Burst mode fires 3 bullets at once. It uses 5.56mm. Burst-fire makes it accurate though.

IMG 20190304 WA0033 - Gun/Items in PUBG


The loveliest AR for the professionals. It uses 7.62mm ammo to provide high damage. It compensates the damage with high recoil.

IMG 20190304 WA0032 - Gun/Items in PUBG


One of the earliest introduced rifle in PUBG history. Players rely on it due to its accuracy and rate of fire. Its uses 5.56mm ammo.

IMG 20190304 WA0034 - Gun/Items in PUBG


This gun provides the space for almost every attachment which ultimately makes it more trustworthy. It uses 5.56mm and the ‘all-rounder’ rifle of the game.

IMG 20190304 WA0035 - Gun/Items in PUBG


Usually found in airdrops, this gun is one of the most lethal weapons in the game. It uses 7.62mm but deals much damage than other guns of its level.

IMG 20190304 WA0036 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Aug A3

This gun is also found in air drops. Fed with 5.56mm, this gun can produce skull-crushing damage when being fired.

IMG 20190304 WA0037 - Gun/Items in PUBG


It was launched with the ‘Sanhok’ map updated. But now this gun is found in every map of the game world. It uses 5.56mm.

IMG 20190304 WA0040 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Beryl M762

This piece of art comes with 3 modes of firing. It has single-shot, burst fire and full auto mode of operation. Using 7.62mm, this gun has high vertical recoil.

IMG 20190304 WA0038 - Gun/Items in PUBG

MK47 Mutant

The most recently added gun in the game world. This gun comes with single-shot and double-shot mode. It has its ammo type of 7.62mm.

IMG 20190304 WA0039 - Gun/Items in PUBG

Melee weapons


A sword like weapon, takes no space. This melee weapon is capable of killing an enemy in a single strike.

IMG 20190304 WA0046 - Gun/Items in PUBG


‘A faithful shooter in every situation’. This weapon is as good as its tagline says. It deals a moderate amount of damage to the enemy.

IMG 20190304 WA0045 - Gun/Items in PUBG


Used to deal with the crops in the real world. Used to deal with the enemy hidden in the crops in the game world.

IMG 20190304 WA0048 - Gun/Items in PUBG


The most effective melee weapon, because this one protects your back. The most powerful as no bullet can pierce it.

IMG 20190304 WA0047 1024x459 - Gun/Items in PUBG



This weapon is the stealthiest weapon ever made. It can be one of the best choice if you know how to use it. It comes with a green dot sight built-in. It is fed with crossbow bolts.

Extended Magazines

This attachable increases the bullet storing capability of weapons.

Quick draw Magazines

This one is the most effective attachable as it reduces the reloading time.

Extended Quick Draw Magazines

This magazine reduces the reloading time and increases the bullet storing capacity at the same time.

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