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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive


Counter Strike: Global offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most intense real-time game with 5v5 multiplayer game play. Or if you wish to practice with bots you can even do this with an ‘offline with bots’ option in the options provided on the main menu. It’s been one of the most evolutionary games when it was released after its previous versions. It was initially released on August 2012, being a merely high-end game of that time due to its graphics. This game generally uses real-world physics engine to provide the high quality gaming experience. Providing real recoil patterns of the guns, footsteps, use of grenades etc. and thus becoming a very famous game in the history of First-Person shooting games category.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive matches are played on MM (Match Making) dedicated servers which prioritize players according to their skill group (MM ranks) on the bases of the average skill group of the lobbies made. It features two teams- Terrorists and Counter-terrorists (CTs) having different types of game play on different maps. Currently, CS: GO features 13 maps in total Matchmaking servers namely- Mirage, Inferno, Cache, Train, Cobblestone, Austria, Overpass, Nuke, Dust II, Subzero, Biome, Office, Agency and 7 maps in active duty pool namely- Mirage, Inferno, Cache, Nuke, Dust II, Overpass, Train. It has a ranking system which ranks the players of game according to their game play. It has different game styles based on the player needs. To play this game, one should have a steam account in order to access the online multiplayer mode of this game. The things which make this game more fun to play and attractive are its in-game items.

In-game items

  1. Weapon Skins- Counter Strike: Global offensive provides enormous number of weapon skins which can be either bought from the steam community market or you can get a drop after a MM game ends.
  2. Knives- It features knife of different styles and even those knives have different skins.
  3. Graffiti- It is a sort of a painting or a fixed design you can spray on In-game walls once you press the graffiti spray button (default button-‘t’).
  4. Cases- these are containers having different titles on them in which each title has a different collection of skin.

Game play modes

  1. Competitive- The real time 5v5 game play which consists of 10 players, 5 on each team. The players playing the match are prioritized on the basis of their skill group. This happens when two lobbies have approximately same average skill group and same map priorities. It makes out the result of best of 30 rounds. Which means, the team which secures 16 rounds of win first, wins the whole match and if the match ends with a score of 15 each. The match ends with a tie. Leaving a competitive match in between the match in between results in a ban ranging 30 minutes to 7 days.
  2. Casual- It is merely a casual mode. It has 20 players on server, 10 on each team in which players can select the team of their own choice, unlike competitive, where the team is server defined and it changes once after 15 rounds. It usually takes 10-15 seconds to find a casual match. It offers a mid-game team change option, in which players can change their team by pressing the ‘Team Change’ button (default button- ‘M’). It makes out the result of best of 16 rounds, in which, a team securing an 8 round win, wins the whole match. It is not necessary for the player to stay on the server until the match ends; he/she can leave the match whenever they want to.
  3. Death match- Its one game mode which is mainly made up for players to practice their aim on the maps. It gives a chance to explore the maps for those players who aren’t used to a particular map. It’s time duration is of 10 minutes. A player can select his favorable weapon until 20 seconds after they re-spawn. In-mid a death match there’s an option of ‘bonus weapon’. It provides extra points when a player takes a kill from that weapon. To select that bonus weapon, once it appears on the screen, a player must press the ‘drop weapon’ button. (default button-‘G’) The rankings of a particular match are decided upon the points, a player gains by getting kills.
  4. War Games- It is a mode consisting of three sub-modes in this category:
    • Arms race- It is a mode in which all the players starts the round with the same weapon but that weapon upgrades when a player gets 2 kills by that weapon. Where the final stage comes at the ‘golden knife’ level, the first player which gets a kill at ‘golden knife’ level wins the match
    • Demolition- It is a mode in which the two teams strive for the bomb scenario, it is a fast-paced game mode in which a single round is of 1:30 minutes and a player gets the upgrade of weapon once they secure a kill in a round.
    • Flying scouts-man- The most unique mode of CS: GO. In which, the gravity is decreased and the accuracy is increased. But the only weapon allowed is SSG 08 and a knife. It is a mode, in which players almost fly and kill and features the bomb scenario.
  5. Wingman- It is a game mode which features a 2v2 multiplayer game play. In this mode, the round times are reduced and the Number of rounds is reduced to 16 rounds. The results are made out of best of 16 and the team securing a nine round win wins the whole match. It has the same rules and conditions like the competitive game play mode and thus features the small versions of the official MM maps, in which only one bombsite is playable and the players aren’t allowed to leave the prescribed area. It also results in a ban if a player leaves in between the match.
  6. Danger Zone- It is the new mode in CS: GO history which features a Battle Royale of around 16-18 players. Which depends upon whether you are playing it on solo mode or duo mode or a trio mode. The players in the lobby cannot exceed the number of 3 in this game mode. This game mode provides a high-tech Battle Royale game play. As it features drone-delivery, tab assistance, modern deploying ways and many more…. This game mode lasts for time duration of about 20-25 minutes. There’s only one featured map in this mode as it is newly launched in CS: GO, namely- Black site.
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